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9to5Mac 7 June 2019 06:26
It's a long one, folks. Grab some tea and get comfortable. 👍🏽☕️Did you catch all of the new features? What's your favorite? Let me know!!!
Renetta Thames
Renetta Thames Yesterday, 04:10
Great video. I am so excited about ios 13 I can hardly wait. It will be like getting a new phone.
Debrah Munn
Debrah Munn 22 August 2019 02:41
Thanks this really helps those of us that are not so tech savvy, thanks for your time taken to explain these features
Lily M
Lily M 21 August 2019 16:15
I always wanted an Indian assistant
Olkris 21 August 2019 09:02
Lotsa Android/Google copy pasta but still cool especially the mouse feature on iPad
Chris Reigel
Chris Reigel 20 August 2019 07:11
Can you do another one for iPad os
Julio 20 August 2019 04:09
I'm loving the new features of iOS13. Good Video!
Zhi Shu
Zhi Shu 17 August 2019 12:52
Good job 9to5Mac! I can’t believe i actually watched this video from start to finish.
Edward Candelario
Edward Candelario 17 August 2019 08:25
Idk if you mentioned this but now you can crop a video in images
iigrevanii 17 August 2019 05:10
I cannot believe I watched this for 46 minutes when I have been running the iOS13 Beta on my daily driver since it first dropped. Time flew by and I actually learned a few things I hadnt realized!
goksu goksay
goksu goksay 15 August 2019 11:07
I think is steel the best iphone 5s and se desing..
Kev M.
Kev M. 15 August 2019 08:34
Nice video, but come on Apple!! When are you going to let us “move” our photos without “copying“ them??? My photos folder looks so crowded & unorganized!!! Also, put a numbers 5th row on the swipe keyboard. With those added features will stop me from jail breaking my iPhone.
Doruk Efe Gökmen
Doruk Efe Gökmen 13 August 2019 18:34
Clean my mac? Is this a joke?
Derek Scalese
Derek Scalese 8 August 2019 02:19
Great info.. but i didnt hear anything about sound? Specifically notification sounds. There is nothing worse than 4 people in a room having the same notification sound.
HI wazzup
HI wazzup 7 August 2019 16:18
Samsung : apple doesnt have more features Apple ios 13 : am i joke to you?
Muhammad Yasir
Muhammad Yasir 6 August 2019 14:17
because we have Oled dipslay now in new iphone so Dark mode gonna save enough battery for us.
hani baeissa
hani baeissa 5 August 2019 11:40
I am an old follower to your channel and that is a huge work you have done .. i appreciate it for each feature 😍 .. just want to ask which stand you use in this video also for the ipad 👍 .. waiting your answer.
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh 4 August 2019 20:04
Name ki esda
Geraldo sergio
Geraldo sergio 4 August 2019 07:46
IPHONE s5 e s6 e s6 plus IOS13
Theresa M
Theresa M 2 August 2019 00:08
Great video!!!Thank you so much.Loving sooo many of those features, though I would love for them to have on Iphones, like on Android where you can have 2 windows open at the same time, for us multi taskers!!!(not sure what they call that feature)Multi- window? Multi- tab?🤔🤔
Trinh Khoa
Trinh Khoa 31 July 2019 16:25
24:55 jumped to 240p or just focus
TheGamingChannel 1
TheGamingChannel 1 28 July 2019 18:05
That link is not fee
Shawn 28 July 2019 14:04
Is there a way to get the keyboard where you swipe down to get a different character so you don’t have to switch to numbers to get them? The second set of characters are shown above the primary characters.
Neelesh Chatterjee
Neelesh Chatterjee 27 July 2019 07:37
Is there any facility to make video call without internet?
Miss Gina
Miss Gina 25 July 2019 17:34
Thanks for video! Maybe now I can upgrade from my SE phone.
Nazrule 711
Nazrule 711 25 July 2019 10:03
Its also can support iphone XR?
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall 25 July 2019 08:01
Thank the lord ios 13 is coming to my 6S Plus, cus I'm not buying a new phone.
oljobo 25 July 2019 01:09
This is SO great! Thank You! 🙏😊👍
Huzefa Sultan
Huzefa Sultan 24 July 2019 16:58
I always follows you. this video is actually a training or can say Datasheet how to use iOS 13. its like people buy high end car but they don't know the capability of it. your video will surely guide us the apple user how we can be more productive with Apple iPhone. Thanks and Kudos to #9to5mac. Finally we have Indian Accent for Siri, most of time we faced siri gave us something else result, i hope now we can have proper answer.
Alain Brouillaud
Alain Brouillaud 24 July 2019 04:53
Great review Jeff 😉 What about iMovie? Is it even necessary based on what you have shown us?
Buğrahan Başgöz
Buğrahan Başgöz 24 July 2019 03:34
This video deserves more than subscribing and likes and comments... I did all of things and also I'm saying 'THANK YOU'
John 21 July 2019 10:46
Did you know you can note add additional address to your route in Apple maps. Just figured this out recently and I don’t think Apple ever discussed this at keynote.
Super Vegaman
Super Vegaman 17 July 2019 17:50
I tap like as soon as I heard moooooving
Terryss 17 July 2019 04:49
Hopefully ios 13 is a first step in the right direction
TheGodFather 256
TheGodFather 256 17 July 2019 00:38
i think a phone that expensive, should offer more features. but surprisingly i can't run apps side by side on iphone in whats the point of all that processing power? pathetic
Stephen Huxtable
Stephen Huxtable 17 July 2019 00:26
Voice control is amazing you should say show numbers if you want to highlight clickable elements
Ayal Weerakkody
Ayal Weerakkody 16 July 2019 23:36
Hey I installed ios 13 in 6s plus device and use as daily driver but ran in to some problems s specially in camera app slow motion does not work and crashes time to time. And i cant find the Safari download manager either so please be kind enough to look for those errors and review it. Still its in beta but its worth it to make a some kind of people’s voice. And keep it up the good work you doing. Thank you . Guy from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Em Walker
Em Walker 16 July 2019 13:06
Thanks for the video. We appreciate the work put into it
Jim Y
Jim Y 16 July 2019 10:10
Very thorough review, great job Jeff!!! i'm amazed by the power of photo/video editing... I send lots of emails with iPhone, so I'm most interested in the Mail updatesbased on some of the new features, I won't be surprised if one day Apple supports projecting iPhone to 4K monitor to use it as a mobile computer
Jay 15 July 2019 19:47
Not really a fan of dark mode I guess these pass 6 years when apple removed that blue background from iOS 6 and earlier almost every app had it and they turned it into white in iOS 7 I guess I got used to that white background in almost every app 🤷🏼‍♂️
Gary Brian
Gary Brian 15 July 2019 01:40
Great in depth video Jeff. I noticed the weather for Louisville in the video. Visiting or local?
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 14 July 2019 17:12
wow.. lots of changes. Phont/vid editing is crazy. The undo and re-do swiping functions.. and tab/drag and cursor functions.. this alone is awsome and might sway me from Android.. cursor/cut/past work, which I do a lot, is awful on my Pixel and all prior Android phones. the haptic touch has been around on adroid (long press on Android) for quite some time though so, iPhone is actually catching up in this case. (could care less about anamogi tho)
imraan hassim
imraan hassim 14 July 2019 15:48
Oh this sucks. “Silence unknown caller” is the equivalent of “Do not disturb” hack. So still no ability to block “No Caller ID” numbers. Sucks when you want to still take calls from people not added to your contacts and want to block the annoying callers that hide their number. Why Apple????
Fortnite_ God
Fortnite_ God 14 July 2019 08:14
What is that chord you were using for the ipad can you link it
Elyse Gaudi
Elyse Gaudi 13 July 2019 07:56
Am I missing where this moved to, or has the "Add Sketch" tool within the notes app been entirely removed? With that gone, and the function of drawing directly on the note taking over as the only option, there is now no way to zoom in on a sketch--it's just part of the note... The only way to do it seems to be selecting Mark Up, but that turns the drawing into a PDF...This may not seem that big of a deal, but I use that feature extensively to create super detailed sketches...I really don't want to have to use a third-party app for a feature Apple already had integrated...They've approached every other adjustment in this update (I'm looking at you Photo Editor) by making the third party apps unnecessary--integrating features from them into the OS. Removing a feature, and thereby forcing use of a third party app seems completely counter to that.
Nick Adolph
Nick Adolph 11 July 2019 16:25
Would have subscribed but I am already an subscriber😢 Thanks for the effort, a great video like always!
Bullet Guru
Bullet Guru 11 July 2019 15:21
IPhone x not have waterproof and not have the replacement of this phone this company making fraud to people😠
XELPON PH 10 July 2019 16:55
Thanks 9to5Mac for getting into the nitty gritty details of telling us the changes and features. Subbed.
Tony Criswell
Tony Criswell 9 July 2019 06:19
Thanks so much for this. It's a LOT to absorb. Is there a bullet list of all these new features?
John Joshua
John Joshua 7 July 2019 16:24
Hello Everyone! Should I Download Ios 13 On My iPhone Xr? The Phone Is Not Secondary One Actually It's My Daily Driver. Should I Install Ios 13 Beta 3 Or Should I Wait For The Official Release ??? Please I Need Your Answers
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