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kingfisher111 Today, 06:19
Oooohh.. Dark mode... So awesome, something android had like 3 yrs ago.. 😂
Conrad H-V
Conrad H-V Today, 05:20
Wtf is the audience blind? A lot of these features have been on android.
Gina Bermas
Gina Bermas Today, 02:12
how you find BINOCULARS on map I can't find it?
Shayboub Elmansy
Shayboub Elmansy Today, 00:14
With Date coming
eid allumlum
eid allumlum Yesterday, 20:44
FaSe Id is 60% faster Pfff this just awful
Ruslan S
Ruslan S Yesterday, 19:03
we still waiting a normal phone call apppppp
G TIEMTORE Yesterday, 17:47
Are these features really new in IOS?
Get DaDoe
Get DaDoe Yesterday, 17:19
Apple: We’re now charging for updates Audience: woooooooooooooo👏👏👏👏🤪
Praveen Sunkari
Praveen Sunkari Yesterday, 16:45
1:28 some new tricks really Apple?? WTF is wrong with you.
kinsbeans Yesterday, 08:29
People in the comments be bashing something they can't afford. 🤭Or even if they can afford they just want to show how superior they are just to feel good.
Troy T Dawg 23
Troy T Dawg 23 Yesterday, 01:47
Castle tredici
Castle tredici 23 August 2019 23:16
I had swipe to write on my Huawei back in 2010 lol
Sterio G
Sterio G 23 August 2019 22:29
Hahahahhahha Android do all this
Rodion Gurin
Rodion Gurin 23 August 2019 21:31
Now Apple is starting to copy Android.....
dan shahm
dan shahm 23 August 2019 11:05
lmao got a Samsung and can swipe for ages now, tbf it's a useless feature as I don't even use it
Ariana Lopez
Ariana Lopez 23 August 2019 08:51
Lol basically copying samsung happy i preordered the note 10 plus.
Able 23 August 2019 08:16
Apple: "We are ripping of Android's 7 year old feature and giving it you."Legally retarded people: "WOOOOOOOOOOOO."Apple: "GIVE US YOUR FUCKING MONEY RETARDS"Legally retarded people: "WOOOOOOOOOOOO."
Jack Staten
Jack Staten 23 August 2019 01:35
I think the privacy portion of ios13 is great. I may have to switch to the dark side
Ryan A.C
Ryan A.C 23 August 2019 00:14
aldin begovic
aldin begovic 22 August 2019 21:51
Updated to blackberry
Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas 22 August 2019 20:45
I’ve had an iPhone since 2011 but my Android could do all this shit back in 2010 !!!!!
Muneeb Moin
Muneeb Moin 22 August 2019 20:02
we at apple pride ourselves on taking stuff android innovated years ago and passing it onto our phones branded as a revolutionary new feature.
Pappy Gingy
Pappy Gingy 22 August 2019 14:24
Asdw Qwert
Asdw Qwert 22 August 2019 11:50
Gai-y phone X with B-i OS 13
William Shim
William Shim 22 August 2019 08:09
does dark mode save battery life?
Alex St
Alex St 22 August 2019 07:40
Is this a reupload?It feels like this video came out 10 years ago. Gives me a nostalgic feeling, all those 'innovations'. It looks even better, even more amazing...bla bla even more amazing bla.
DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie
DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie 22 August 2019 05:25
Touch ID>Face ID
Frankie Bagz
Frankie Bagz 22 August 2019 03:30
Wait? Swipe is new? For ios! Lmfao it's been out for omg years on Android
Jacob Samuel
Jacob Samuel 21 August 2019 23:37
9:36 my dude is trying to start a Mexican wave
Jacob Samuel
Jacob Samuel 21 August 2019 23:34
When does it come out
james bando
james bando 21 August 2019 23:02
Apple ur to late Samsung already has them
Jalen Scott
Jalen Scott 21 August 2019 22:57
I’ll bet you $10,000 that as soon as iOS 13 comes out, every single iPhone user will have dark mode enabled 😂
Ravi Pratap
Ravi Pratap 21 August 2019 21:35
I watched this video in dark mode of YouTube just to find what's new? ( Btw i swiped my fingers to type to check if it is already copied by Android or not) :P
Rocky McBlyat
Rocky McBlyat 21 August 2019 14:41
How about battery saver and good gaming performances.
Marcus Kalman
Marcus Kalman 21 August 2019 07:34
4:52 Privacy is a big issue. So we changed that.dont give other companies your personal details! GiVe Us YoUr [email protected]*%InG pErSoNaL dEtAiLs!!!
Marcus Kalman
Marcus Kalman 21 August 2019 07:31
Apple: we changed the app backgrounds from #FFFFFF to #000000Audience: WOOOOO! NoW tHaTs NeW aNd InNoVaTiVe!!!!
THE CARLOS 21 August 2019 05:50
i got click bated 😤 *9:59* TRIGGERRDDDD
Antateur 21 August 2019 05:50
The audience sounds like they are being held captive.
Ricky Constancio
Ricky Constancio 21 August 2019 04:42
Widgets huh? There's a word synonymous with Android.....
Tommy Sec
Tommy Sec 21 August 2019 03:48
Hi. Where I can buy yhis laptop in Canada? Samsung’s upcoming $999 Galaxy Book S
UnknownDarkDragon 20 August 2019 20:58
Apple: You can now swipe to type Audience: woooow!Me: Samsung had it first to say the least, but little by little, apple's copying samsung back as revenge since samsung copied every single thing that apple was doing in 2007 or 2008.
Roxie Wants Some Food
Roxie Wants Some Food 20 August 2019 18:51
Apple: I wanna make-Audience: WOOOOOOHHHHHH
AsianYT 20 August 2019 11:54
I wish Apple made split view on iphone and have a bigger dock like the ipad
XX X 20 August 2019 10:23
The only thing i don't like about Iphone is the Battery life.
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 20 August 2019 07:43
Don’t get me wrong I love my iPhone and will never switch over to the dark side but damn these keynotes are getting more and more embarrassing. Jobs must be turning over in his grave.
Kevin Derek
Kevin Derek 19 August 2019 14:18
Woopie, every year we get the bare minimum
karan thind
karan thind 19 August 2019 13:06
Bunch of android losers
JPT 19 August 2019 09:58
I hope this doesn't shortened the battery -_-
Barbara Pierre
Barbara Pierre 19 August 2019 07:11
Why do they keep copying Android, and marketing it as if it’s something big and new? We all know Apple is no longer original.
ghazi hussain
ghazi hussain 18 August 2019 22:40
Samsung is great !Audience : wooooahhhhhh!
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