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hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Yesterday, 10:34
john fabrizio
john fabrizio 14 July 2019 00:49
How come you don't seem to talk about the fact the AMD and Nvidia have been working together since 2011 to inflate the prices of GPUs? In one of your recent videos you were talking about how this was the first time in a while we have prices at the same level for each brand of GPU which makes them easier to compare however that has actually been the norm for the past 8 years. Because these corporations are getting together regularly and deciding what to price everything at and when to release the new products. It just seems to me you try to push the idea that we're getting these great deals now when really they're price gouging the hell out of us!
cameron williams
cameron williams 10 July 2019 23:50
Why would amd drop crossfire support on Navi? I bought a rx480 on launch because it was the best I could afford, knowing that crossfire was on this card. So someday I could buy another card and get to 1070 or 1080 performance. But maybe the the 5700 series of GPU is the mid-tier in the new stack and they are pulling a nivida.
eug3nius 10 July 2019 08:21
NVidia has a lot to worry. Midrange Navi is almost as fast as the midrange Nvidia card with a die that's half-sized and running translated GCN instructions. With all consoles being RDNA, optimization will be a thing. Meanwhile, the hardware press is still fluffing NVidia praising them for giving us cards that are “only” 25% to 50% more expensive compared to previous generations. Incredible!
An American Citizen
An American Citizen 10 July 2019 06:07
Software Raytracing?
NERO 10 July 2019 05:05
i believe always in jay. it shits how you see a newly released gpu being beat up by the latest radeon vii
David Newby
David Newby 9 July 2019 21:30
No need to upgrade my Vega 56 then yet.
Taylor Marshall
Taylor Marshall 9 July 2019 05:07
11:14 man is it good to hear that again I can already here the nvidia fanboys screaming
Sylvain Bui
Sylvain Bui 7 July 2019 14:24
Personally i am completely lost and tired to wait something new, i don't know anything about threads, ghz or ray tracing. I juste want a computer that can run destiny 2 at 1440p 140hz and all my editing (photo) softwares. I can't find any credible youtube video that tell us " if you have 500$ buy this setup, if you have 700$ buy this...) without all thoses scientists explanations. That said, realy nice work.
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 July 2019 01:18
there is a trick with 1090 cards i saw a guy do for ray tracing i wonder if the new amd cards they are suing a better trick like that
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 July 2019 01:13
amd is colluding with nvidia they give nvidia the top and htey taking the mid range
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 July 2019 01:10
1000 dollar cpu?????????????????????????????????wtf between that and the overpriced fucking gpus they are price fixing for anyhting over 250 bucks costs for parts are nothing unless trump tarriffs that shit too
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 July 2019 01:07
the both nvidia and amd settled a collusion on price fixing now look at prices lately
chronoss chiron
chronoss chiron 6 July 2019 01:06
i can see dust buildup on those radiators as a issue over time
nov8mber 5 July 2019 09:32
Can’t wait but yes I want to see some bench tests and I may wait until fall for the sales
Anubis_X64 5 July 2019 06:49
Seriously? I wanted AMD to drop some high end cards. If those benchmarks from AMD indicates 4 - 22% compared to RTX 2060/2070 then I can expect real world to be just under performing those cards. AMD just like any company (As Jay said) always use perfect scenario. I am keeping my eye on new Ryzen CPU. I have an aging 5930k. i do use PCIe SSDs so that 4.0 is what mostly has me interested.
Ben Canty
Ben Canty 4 July 2019 14:15
Totally agree! I LOVE the 5700 XT, though $50 less would make more sense. Am I disappointed not getting a Navi flagship? Yes, but I can wait a year. Super doesn't seen that Super. I'll look at it, but I think by the time Nvidia is able to impress me, Flagship Navi will at least be announced by then.
S. D. H.
S. D. H. 4 July 2019 04:07
If you are like most PC gamers & perfectly happy playing at either high-quality 1440p or 1080p resolutions, then the AMD RX 5700 and RX 5700X are perfect. End of story.
Me Catalin
Me Catalin 4 July 2019 01:11
for now ray tracing is too slow, i can only justify buying an rtx 2070 cause the prices are too high but..i still won't be able to properly game with ray tracing turned on, amd isn't releasing navi yet and it doesn't support it, even though it might in the future so i'm prolly gonna wait for a high end amd card that has ray tracing and see how prices turn out to find out what im gonna buy.( i sure hope its not gonna be 2 years again)
GW Computers
GW Computers 3 July 2019 21:52
This was also a test. AMD knew Nvidia would launch the rival and so did with the Super line. Now The 5700 and 5700XT have to sell like 100$ less and AMD will launch new models, maybe 5800 and 5800XT and maybe another 5900XT?! At least i hope so
Joel Hewitt
Joel Hewitt 3 July 2019 21:13
For those prices, no. So I'm going with the i3-9100f and GTX 1660, which will be just fine for 1080p. Some of us don't have $400 to drop on a "mid-range" card.
Ninjagai 3 July 2019 18:05
Apparently, the specs don't matter at all. Just remove new GPU components from Nvidia cards to make AMD cards look better.
Knazmuel Hossain
Knazmuel Hossain 3 July 2019 13:37
You guys might not know this, but in his spare time, Jay plays cricket for England under the stage name 'Ben Stokes' lol xD
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 3 July 2019 06:43
The Radeon 5700X was already losing to the RTX 2070. Now Super just kicked AMD to the curb.
Mifos 2 July 2019 23:15
I just want a huge, power-hungry, Radeon RX 5970 XTX that crushes the 2080 Ti for like $800. Come on AMD, Nvidia has been king too long! I know there is some madman ATI fire still left in that company!
LANo 2 July 2019 17:42
Jay, unrelated question but can you tell me where you find the type of wood you used to build the wall to your left? I want to do something similar in my basement.
Rajdeep Singh
Rajdeep Singh 2 July 2019 16:18
You look like my ex bf foreigner version
Brenden Velez
Brenden Velez 2 July 2019 04:32
we need competition with AMD and Nvidia because we need gpu prices to drop
GODLIKE99KINGZ 2 July 2019 03:36
Intel is Dead:
Jonathan Lebon
Jonathan Lebon 2 July 2019 00:16
I am buying a 5700 (non XT) this Sunday...first time I will ever have spent that much on a GPU.Coming from an Rx580 8Gb I got at MSRP (249)..I really hope it's worth it...And in a month's time I will get a waterblock and OC the shizz out of it.
Insidious Crypt
Insidious Crypt 1 July 2019 03:03
That moment when you realise you bough a giant hanger for 10k per month to sit in the corner in a smaller space than the old garage, just kidding, but im sure id be thinking this if i was in your shoes lol
TheLordstrider 30 June 2019 20:38
AMD could have gone with the route of slapping 2 Radeon VII gpu's on one PCB like in the good old days and reach or maybe beat 2080TI. no idea why they didn't do that yet.
Mohanad A-k
Mohanad A-k 30 June 2019 18:04
I don’t think that Amd isn’t going to compete against the 2080/2080 Ti maybe the leaks are true about 5900/5950XT The next-gen consoles are using Ray Tracing and both Scarlet/PS5 Hardwares are AMD So that could be a hint for a high end GPU’s that’s coming who knows
Emilio Müller
Emilio Müller 30 June 2019 12:44
"AMd dID nO rAy tRaCIng oN nAVi" can't brag about their raytracing technology because they open sourced it. They have many open sourced stuff that EVERYONE (including NVidia) is using and exploiting. Are they gonna say "We have ray tracing but it is open and works on NVidias cards too, so... For some reason buy our cards anyway".They just gon talk about their selling points because most ppl don't care about open source and good software ethics, which AMD is way better in than NVidia
Slav 1
Slav 1 30 June 2019 05:41
Navi has a chance to not be like Vega VII and it's launch...Nice.I expected it to be like Vegatable 7, so this makes me happy.
Aourun Likeit
Aourun Likeit 28 June 2019 14:24
@JayzTwoCents - Hi i can save 33% on a Vega VII deal making it 35% cheaper then a Rtx 2080 Strix - whit the fan noise beeing loud - is it a too good deal to ignore for a gaming - editing rig.? maby there will be a water Aoi made for the vega - i know there waterblock out but i dont have a water setup. im gonna pair it whit a 1950x or a 9900k - or the new 3000 series.
facial supremacy
facial supremacy 28 June 2019 09:13
Damn Jay looks athletic AF.
brandon lawrence
brandon lawrence 28 June 2019 08:55
So many meme possibilities with that thumbnail.
dicker parker
dicker parker 28 June 2019 03:12
When is navi exactly coming out?is it worth the Wait,or just buy a vega 56?
Chay Warburton
Chay Warburton 26 June 2019 21:12
all the internet sources i'm reading show that the ryzen 5 3600x is the one trading blows with the 9900k
Zavid Al Rasyid
Zavid Al Rasyid 26 June 2019 17:42
Do you know what True Peace is??CPU, RyzenMonitor, FreeSync EnhancedSyncGPU, Radeon
Bucur Rares
Bucur Rares 26 June 2019 08:18
Selling a RX 680/690 tier card at 450 $. The RX 480 and RX580/RX 590 were around 230-250 $. That why they changed the name to be able to screw us and increase the price to almost double. AMD can go f**k themselves. Do they think we are morons? So glad i bought myself a PS4 PRO for 300 $. Sayonara pc gaming for now. @t
Weazel News
Weazel News 25 June 2019 03:13
4:05 The i9 9900K is not $1000. It’s more like $500.
James Wilson
James Wilson 24 June 2019 20:30
Most don't need that kind of processing power? Try playing a game like ark on an RX 580 or a GTX 1070... You have to have it if you want realistic rendering. Sure you can run it on medium with no tessilation and low quality textures to get 60+ but you loose half your fps if you go high or ultra. 23-40 fps near a big base with dinos everywhere kills the fps bad bad. We do need it.
DannRoo 24 June 2019 17:44
navi ia great but nvidia is ready with those super cards.
DannRoo 24 June 2019 17:38
yeaaah... Nice amd news... but those zen+ apus are goddamn dissapointing
Jordon S
Jordon S 24 June 2019 09:48
Yeah no tensor cores(ray tracing but) With the PCIe 4.0 wouldn’t it get a huge performance boost and that’s why the price is where it is?
Михаил Дмитриевич
Михаил Дмитриевич 23 June 2019 21:02
Jay-Z two centsKanye West five dollars
Wrex 23 June 2019 19:51
Those Navi cards are overpriced as shit. They are competing with an RTX 2070 at the same price with no Ray tracing. WTF is AMD thinking? Also, the last time I checked, Nvidia GPUs has much better video encoder and that makes them superior for streaming.
Basil Rasil
Basil Rasil 23 June 2019 01:47
I'm digging on Navi. The 5700xt would be a great upgrade from a 1070.
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