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Othman Safarini
Othman Safarini Today, 07:59
Apple using the iPad as a chance to redefine what is the computer for the next generation. and you can be sure that Apple is the only company doing this right when you see the competitors are giving up on tablet market while Apple doubling down on it. The latest iPad lineup telling us that Apple wants to be sure that everyone finds a suitable iPad for his needs on a wide range of price points.iPadOS is just the beginning for the iPad to take over laptops.
The Dollar Guy
The Dollar Guy 9 July 2019 07:28
My guess is the success of Microsoft's Surface devices is behind this.
crashk6 3 July 2019 02:28
The government only wants to sue apple for anti-trust so they can get their hooks into the company legally to force them to drop their strong user security stance and get them to build back doors into the software for three letter government agencies, exactly like what happened with Microsoft... except of course when it came to Microsoft they were very guilty of anit-trust violations. Apple quite possibly needs to be answerable on anti-trust charges for their current repair policies, but the government is not interested in consumer protection when it comes to big business. Their (government) angle is purely so they can attach conditions to the companies operations, and it WILL concern access to encryption and customer data. Also, about time on ipad os apple... Edit: P.S. how about file management on the iphone too apple? Another fine video Dagogo!
Ed D.
Ed D. 24 June 2019 06:37
getting one step closer to a unifying apple OS that runs on all devices : phones, tablets, laptops and desktops ? If Apple could build a practical OneOS like Canonical's dreamed for Ubuntu that would be something
Stefano Papaleo
Stefano Papaleo 23 June 2019 14:26
Company considered to be innovative catches up to basic technology available for decades.... and still mannages to cripple it.
Hans Kári Joensen
Hans Kári Joensen 23 June 2019 12:45
The ipad is probably one of the only good tech apple produces. The rest are garbage
Saskia van Houtert
Saskia van Houtert 22 June 2019 22:00
Trustforming is to my education-opinion allowed by law, this counts also for kartelsforming, kind regards.
A Fig
A Fig 22 June 2019 20:08
If you’re excited about the mouse support feature, you’re are old dude. Workflows have been evolving around touch interfaces for the last 10 years. Adding mouse is fine as an accessibility, but compare to the Apple Pencil a mouse just makes my work flow slower.
lefthandedpolack 22 June 2019 19:42
lol apple finally ads what android version 1 had.
LucKie 22 June 2019 17:04
Still having an iPad 4. The keyboard lags a lot.
Mozzman 21 June 2019 17:08
Toy OS gets mouse support. Apple are desperate to fight off touch screen PC's LMAO
Robert MacEwan
Robert MacEwan 20 June 2019 23:10
Siri needs expanding on this platform. Voice controlling YouTube is interesting.
For Freedom's Sake
For Freedom's Sake 20 June 2019 16:32
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 20 June 2019 15:48
after years and years of Android and Windows phone having mouse and keyboard with USB support we are now introducing the iSB, the iPhone iPad version of USB where WE made it from the ground up from 3rd party parts and software that WE assembled in China while it was designed in California.... probably through VPN...
Ivan Liao
Ivan Liao 19 June 2019 23:43
Wow.... that’s so 2011...... apple is very innovative! Another 30% price hike for this feature? Noice
Khalid Habeel
Khalid Habeel 19 June 2019 10:51
Please put XCode on the iPad.Por favor! 🥺
Ross Armstrong
Ross Armstrong 19 June 2019 04:02
APPLE!! Welcome to the year 2012Android's been doing it for YEARS!!!(...and I can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard too)
After all the years you decide to listen to the people . what's a matter need the people back losing money are we , so crap Apple . lol.!!!
Null Void
Null Void 18 June 2019 16:09
If you can't program it on the device it's not a computer, and i don't care about it, it's just a toy.
Richard Carr
Richard Carr 18 June 2019 11:32
OMG Apple finally figured out that the surface was a better product. Way to be 10 years behind the game Apple.
Mastermind12358 18 June 2019 07:33
It all sounds.. obvious, I'm amazed that basic features such as external storage support and mouse weren't supported. Good job Apple.. I guess. Do old devices also get these features? Or is it just for new Ipads?
Nick Steele
Nick Steele 17 June 2019 12:39
Maybe you can stop saying "I predicted" so often? And stop stoking your ego so much? You're clearly smart and I have loved your videos, and your music and I bought your book... But I've been noticing you're ego getting so large it's starting to eat into the quality of what you do. Please take a step back and ask yourself if you are already cool and super awesome, or do you need to keep reminding us? I'd vouch for the first. 🦄👍😁
DreaD 17 June 2019 08:27
AMD graphics and AMD in general next, can you do it?
nel c
nel c 16 June 2019 13:59
😲 wow!!! Another innovative approach from Apple 😏 (sarcasm)
Yzmind7 15 June 2019 22:05
Wish i could afford anything apple ...
Chav v
Chav v 15 June 2019 20:58
Understand these prices aren’t for everyone. If you can’t afford it you shouldn’t be bitching. Move forward
RickOShay 15 June 2019 00:33
Another apple joke - and you can't even right click.
Aidid Rashed Efat
Aidid Rashed Efat 14 June 2019 19:24
This is a new beginning for Apple Inc.👏🏼
DutchAussieProductions 14 June 2019 13:06
My apologies for the multiple comments. I have tried to remove them without success.
Steve Min
Steve Min 13 June 2019 00:40
Welcome to Android world, ladies and gentlemen
Adam Petten
Adam Petten 12 June 2019 06:39
Wont ever buy one, the new surface book is so good I'll probably quit on tablets or use the samsung tab A which is rather decent and 1/4 the cost. Plenty good for YouTube videos and IG
igold ra
igold ra 12 June 2019 04:32
Still has ways to go
Naftali Anderson
Naftali Anderson 11 June 2019 21:13
This is great news for loyal Macintosh fans. People who supported Apple back in 1996 when it was close to bankruptcy.
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia 11 June 2019 16:45
Should I buy an Ipad pro or the apple stand?
Bigboy 11 June 2019 14:35
The reasons I went for the Microsoft Surface...Apple playing catch up.
rogue93ying 11 June 2019 11:41
Apple simply released their Surface with a software upgrade
Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta 11 June 2019 10:06
Wow that's so revolutionary and innovative! What are they charging for it? $1000?
destrierofdark 11 June 2019 06:02
Honestly, I feel this is too little, too late.Because, at this point, what an iPad needs to be compelling against a modern Windows 10 tab is full-blown Mac OS, with zero limitations. Not to mention Windows tablets have already stolen quite some marketshare away from them, as well as better Androids with suitable interfaces (which are all still garbage, even the iPad's.)Sadly, Ubuntu Touch didn't get anywhere.
Steve V
Steve V 11 June 2019 04:39
If they make the iPad a Mac replacement they can stop using intel processors. The app developers need to get onboard and start developing desktop class apps that can use the full capabilities of the iPad processors and GPU.
Dalton SpencePTCA
Dalton SpencePTCA 11 June 2019 02:11
I just got a iPad 6th generation does that have usb support or is it just the iPad Pro?
Meep Beep
Meep Beep 10 June 2019 20:45
Dagogo your voice is so easy on the ear which enhances understanding your fab videos. If you didnt have a future in tech media/engineering you could always work in radio & do voice over work. Thanx for your vids 😊
crypto charlie
crypto charlie 10 June 2019 13:26
2 words: "Shadow Gaming" :) Great video. I never owend ANY apple products, but maybe that will change since they have mouse. what about keyboard support?
AschNT -
AschNT - 10 June 2019 12:30
I'm a wise man. I see Apple, I dislike
David Levine
David Levine 10 June 2019 10:53
Can you use apple trackpad as the mouse
Napster2002 . aspx
Napster2002 . aspx 10 June 2019 10:07
*cough* Samsung already made these updates. Apple copied Android OS again. *cough cough*
Ajinkya Mahajan
Ajinkya Mahajan 10 June 2019 04:55
Love it 💝
Miguel mejia
Miguel mejia 10 June 2019 04:40
the ipad was a joke and it will always be a joke. its an overgrown itouch
B Welkinator
B Welkinator 10 June 2019 04:07
Can you use it as a phone as well?
M M 10 June 2019 00:16
I personally really don't like another OS where only one OS is needed.
worash 9 June 2019 23:00
Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City
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