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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 14 May 2019 19:03
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mr. vain vice
mr. vain vice Today, 18:10
Just upgraded from my v20 (great phone) to one plus 7+
Calvin Taft
Calvin Taft Today, 17:49
Been using it for a few days. So far it's not bad, and it performs up to it's specs no problem.Its just missing a lot of little functions that other companies seem to have as standard, and it impacts the overall experience
Anshul Pathak
Anshul Pathak Today, 17:15
Dude... what's the watch you wearing?
Franck Regis
Franck Regis Today, 16:47
Hey Lew, could you also mention the price in Canadian Dollars? The price of 7 pro starts at $999 on our market
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar Today, 14:46
What you do with the mobile after reviewing it
Steve Parker
Steve Parker Today, 14:35
So much wasted box just 4 a Damn phone, you could fit an Xbox one X in that Damn box.
mozu zeng
mozu zeng Today, 12:33
Trump said oneplus 7 pro is endangering US national security and will ban it
Aviroop Das
Aviroop Das Today, 11:04
the display is awesome, but the downside is the edges, you can see the light reflected - that can be irritating for some people
Raheel Mahmood
Raheel Mahmood Today, 10:25
Just bought it 🤞🏻
Ironi Today, 09:23
I dont like it taking a second to unlock trough face. My 5t has an INSTANT login wich i love
NeXusS Today, 05:32
I just got the OnePlus 6T lol rip...
Michael Chen
Michael Chen Today, 05:04
I honestly think Chinese phones are better than Korean phones. And cheaper.
Kyle F
Kyle F Today, 04:30
Bro come on that face unlock was fast as hell, really??
Kenneth Niswonger
Kenneth Niswonger Today, 01:15
Rather have a motor than a hole punch anyday. That design is terrible.
Chase Ellsworth
Chase Ellsworth Today, 01:03
Been using iPhone since the 3GS and this phone made me switch and I'm never looking back
arturo Houtgast
arturo Houtgast Today, 00:48
Lew, what do you actually do with the products you get, after you made reviews of them? Do you sale it? Do you give it away? Do you you throw it away? 😜
Krispy Yesterday, 23:40
How come I've never seen one plus phones in the stores around me
Kohana Mukherjee
Kohana Mukherjee Yesterday, 22:51
honestly speaking, I'm really inching towards OnePlus - this company is rising good
Huggins Matanga
Huggins Matanga Yesterday, 21:54
I think if u do giveaways I would have a huge upgrade for my phone
Edoardo Realini
Edoardo Realini Yesterday, 21:42
hey man, when are you going to review the bullets wireless 2?
natflang Yesterday, 21:37
that's not the box or bundle i got... Where is that available??
hen ko
hen ko Yesterday, 20:30
Trump will ban this Chinese phone sooner.
Numan Muhammad Ali
Numan Muhammad Ali Yesterday, 20:14
Is their face unlock?
Liis Luhamaa
Liis Luhamaa Yesterday, 19:42
Paras Kumar
Paras Kumar Yesterday, 19:40
Seriously this phone is a masterpiece brilliant phone
ghost ghost
ghost ghost Yesterday, 19:09
good price
The Commentator
The Commentator Yesterday, 19:00
Just ordered mine, I don't give two fucks about the camera. The display looks amazing
Aditya Raval
Aditya Raval Yesterday, 18:55
Do I have to pay extra for special box?
MAROUANE CHAABANI Yesterday, 18:08
send me iphone x please some thing u dont use
JeveshReddy Illuri
JeveshReddy Illuri Yesterday, 17:45
OnePlus: let's not spend the money on the IP ratingAlso OnePlus; let's hire RDJ as our ambassadorXD
Nath Yesterday, 17:06
the face unlock was impressively fast I blinked and missed the first one
Shinji Oli
Shinji Oli Yesterday, 16:53
No IP rating, No wireless charging, No reverse charge, No headphones jack. OP7+ is Not a flagship. What a deluded company.
Bryan Chong
Bryan Chong Yesterday, 16:37
Does it have liquid cooling
Philippe Guiral
Philippe Guiral Yesterday, 16:19
What about DAS for OnePlus 7Pro?
happy gekko
happy gekko Yesterday, 14:54
So who made the screen? Hint: it's not oneplus
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker Yesterday, 14:19
So seems like I need to buy a headphone adapter myself right?
Mark Yesterday, 13:22
Lew, are the v2 bullets any good? Any chance of a quick review?
The Harmonist
The Harmonist Yesterday, 12:39
Oh? He's back to Apple.
Dr. Swapnil Patil
Dr. Swapnil Patil Yesterday, 11:33
Hey brother I am hearing rumours about Samsung galaxy x phone so let me know about it in your cool inboxing videos
Lain Macauley
Lain Macauley Yesterday, 11:29
I'd rather have a hole punch and water resistance.
LI TIANYI Yesterday, 09:36
Trump will ban this Chinese phone sooner.
kvbaby Yesterday, 09:30
ASUS ZENFONE 6>OnePlus 7 Pro
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian Yesterday, 09:28
thats one hell of a gaming machine
Maruf Bijou
Maruf Bijou Yesterday, 08:34
I will leave my iPhone xs and Samsung s10 plus after one plus 7 pro is launched in Bangladesh.
nikolozka1 Yesterday, 08:01
Enclosed front camera? R.I.P CIA digital data collection division
Charles Shi
Charles Shi Yesterday, 07:41
Trump: If you can not beat them, you can just ban them!
shasanth Nagabushanam K
shasanth Nagabushanam K Yesterday, 07:31
Show the one plus link to amason
Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia Yesterday, 06:09
With an ugly appendage
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz Yesterday, 05:46
Try the samsung it has dolby also asswipe
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