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Nick Dale
Nick Dale Today, 16:15
I am sorry I find very confusing , What IPads are you talkng about, you can't connect a mouse to any iPad. Your new features are different for everyone for me I am not excited that easily.
Zaki Muhammad
Zaki Muhammad Today, 08:05
does all of this work with the 9.7 inch 6th generation ipad as well?
akeem magician
akeem magician 13 July 2019 00:00
I keep on getting bugs like can’t swipe through my home screen and keeps jamming
Cody McGee
Cody McGee 12 July 2019 22:52
a lot of the USB features like using mouses and hard drives currently don't work hardly if at all on non USB-C ipad pros. I have the ipad pro 10.5 and have the iPadOS installed and these features don't work. I think it's an issue with the lightning adapters you have to use. I've only seen one channel so far that has even remotely covered this.
Hasib Kamrani
Hasib Kamrani 12 July 2019 13:13
cough cough desktop mode on chrome....Downloads tap on chrome...Split screen on samsung phones for years....A mini USB to USB C converter for connecting your mouse to your phone/ tablet?.... Samsung included one of those on the S8 box I think, maybe S9 and is buyable still. A touch-pen for the iPad? The note series from years ago already implemented that.Is there a button to remove all apps from the RAM list??? How is this guy talking like this tech new in the world, and not new in the Apple universe?It bothers me how people gets baffled over "new" tech implemented on Apple devices. Before, you heared people bashing android users who had access to those features a long time ago, because those features were "useless" and now people think it's new when it comes to Apple and people buy it. To those of you who did this, ask yourself why you're on this earth. Yikes
IMRP IMRP 12 July 2019 04:15
Maktabah Hasan Al-Basri
Maktabah Hasan Al-Basri 11 July 2019 17:52
I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 12.3.1 and I hve no changes?
Michael Chill
Michael Chill 9 July 2019 12:07
Really really really, r u really so attracted to these features?
Alii Aliii
Alii Aliii 7 July 2019 10:35
can I download pdf files and read it
Cam Dust
Cam Dust 6 July 2019 05:35
There should be multi-user account in the iPad.
Cyhannhplayz 6 July 2019 04:22
Hit the like if you are watching on your iPad I am watching on my iPad 5th generation and happy it’s supported
BlueFalconJess 4 July 2019 11:33
I have an ipad air 2, Will ios 13 will be good or nice update for this device?
Ed Hudley
Ed Hudley 2 July 2019 00:19
It should be noted that Sidecar is only available to newer Macs...😞
Arno Laurie
Arno Laurie 1 July 2019 22:46
How do you use a mouse with an iPad that has lightning connection? Do you need to buy the apple adapter?
Colin Tsosie
Colin Tsosie 30 June 2019 20:57
I would like information on how to connect a mouse, gaming controller and hard drive using a lighting connector, not using a usb-c hub. Most us still have the older iPad 2018.
Rick N
Rick N 29 June 2019 00:40
Downloaded the iPad OS13 public beta and noticed a noticeable decrease in battery life. Anyone else experiencing this?
håvard Vikestrand
håvard Vikestrand 27 June 2019 23:37
You just showed me the one thing i’ve Been serching for, you’re the first on YouTube thank you😁!!!
Bharat Raj
Bharat Raj 26 June 2019 01:27
Does the new home screen layout stay the same after you turn off and turn on the iPad
Harshik Media Tech
Harshik Media Tech 24 June 2019 16:08
Nice video very clear and informative thanks for the video
David Mitchell
David Mitchell 23 June 2019 17:37
Does any know if this upgrade to the Apple Pencil fluidity applies to the 1st gen Apple Pencil?
Ayden Nouv
Ayden Nouv 22 June 2019 16:45
Swipe to the right are u sure?
Tourist Tees Shirts
Tourist Tees Shirts 22 June 2019 01:35
Can you make folders and keep notes and pics in it like a laptop?
z z
z z 18 June 2019 10:52
The thumbnail is frustrating. SMH
tomaslaube 18 June 2019 00:10
Is this the 11 inch iPad you are showing?
Carlo Lim
Carlo Lim 17 June 2019 09:38
Is this available for the iPad pro (old)?
Gilberto Serrano
Gilberto Serrano 16 June 2019 07:51
Thanks for such an illustrative video. I was wondering if all these features would be available on the iPad Pro 10.5 from 2017. Thanks
Anmol Saxena
Anmol Saxena 15 June 2019 20:12
Does this work on 6th Gen ipad 9.7 inch? (I'm not a apple user, so my question might be dumb), but please advise. Thanks!
emacicc 15 June 2019 15:24
Android has been doing this for litterally 9 years.....sad....
ActuallyArmani 14 June 2019 04:51
Thank you!
Iain McLean
Iain McLean 14 June 2019 03:10
Hi Greg, great video - thanks for a great review. For the mouse support, I see there are ‘Cursor’ and ‘Pointing Device’ options - can you change the cursor from the circle to a more classic pointer?
Despicable P
Despicable P 13 June 2019 23:54
Just bought an iPad Pro just for this. It's been a burning decision and I think this pushes me over the edge. Especially with desktop safari
meowmeow 13 June 2019 20:19
What's a computer
Shilla Haste
Shilla Haste 13 June 2019 18:47
I'm so happy that I invested in a new Ipad Pro, the iPadOS is quite a game changer. Great video as always!
The Ayman Hassen
The Ayman Hassen 13 June 2019 07:48
Is that an 11 inch iPad Pro?
Supreet Singh
Supreet Singh 12 June 2019 13:30
It’s amazing. I want to buy that, its features are great.Like they say ‘the one waits gets late
Thyke Adams
Thyke Adams 12 June 2019 03:57
Will this work on every iPad... (iPad pro 10.5)
ZYKI 11 June 2019 17:56
I am watching this on IpadOS 13
SP_potatoes Man
SP_potatoes Man 11 June 2019 15:45
Where is the controller feature
Ralph Ruiz
Ralph Ruiz 11 June 2019 14:03
Can you edit video on ipad os with external hard drive while it is attached and without transferring video files?
Julio César López
Julio César López 10 June 2019 22:16
Hey Greg nice vid, would you mind sharing a link for adapter you're using on this video, or recommend a lightning to USB... Cause I got no iPad pro like yours...
Burring your report card? ?
Burring your report card? ? 10 June 2019 17:15
Does iPad OS work on the the iPad Air 2019??
Mike Wong Hong Kee
Mike Wong Hong Kee 10 June 2019 16:23
Great review 👍
Paul Sheard
Paul Sheard 10 June 2019 11:46
Great video and new subscriber here. I updated my latest gen iPad Pro from last Oct to the beta ipadOS and I don’t see widgets unless I’m portrait mode.. in landscape when I swipe right the widgets don’t appear.. anyone else got the same problem?
Chang Liu
Chang Liu 10 June 2019 07:43
no, i only see the difference is mouse support. that's it
tavo220 10 June 2019 01:48
Vidtual Dj???? I would get it just for that. Import and mix songs
Jody A
Jody A 9 June 2019 22:23
You can also make the widgets show all the time instead of swiping by turning on "Always show Today View"
Cristian Perez el Mgo Oscuro
Cristian Perez el Mgo Oscuro 9 June 2019 21:41
Huawei COOL
Blue Arrow
Blue Arrow 9 June 2019 21:40
Can’t the samsung tablets already do these “new” features? I have an iPad Pro (2017) and samsung galaxy tab s5e
Chanvannark Kath
Chanvannark Kath 9 June 2019 20:42
Is the new iPad os update for every iPad or only the iPad Pro latest generation?
Clark Hull
Clark Hull 9 June 2019 20:37
Do some of the conmen work on the older iPad Pro .
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