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HardwareCanucks 11 June 2019 01:41
If you were wondering why there wasn't pricing in this video, AMD flat out refused to give us that information until their livestream. They are $449 and $379 for the RX 5700XT and RX 5700 respectively. IN ADDITION, AMD screwed up on the slides they gave us (whatdayaknow...) and the texture units for the RX 5700XT is 160 while the RX 5700 has 144. Seriously, that's a pretty significant error.....ugh.
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren Yesterday, 10:40
AMD keep punching NVIDIA harder and harder! 😅😅😅
Zinou TheBeast
Zinou TheBeast 7 July 2019 21:56
ibra , ibrahim ? am i right!!!
Anselmi 7 July 2019 18:19
You have to test them on x570 to get their real performance.
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs 1 July 2019 17:21
So I just realized something with the PCI Express 4.0 MBs. All the large tech YouTubers have talk about how 4.0 is double the performance of 3.0 and even talk about products that take advantage of it. iE storage and even memory, but what about video cards? Yes we are getting the 5700 series, but where does it take advantage of 4.0? To me, from the stats shown it looks like a better performing 3.0 card. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.
CubanMafia 30 June 2019 21:25
what about the AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT 50th Anniversary
Peter Jansen
Peter Jansen 30 June 2019 01:53
The aftermarket card - which you required because blower coolers and small heatsinks suck - will cost around $430 or more. How is that a "budget king"? A budget king would cost $150-300 in my book.
Boris Kljaic
Boris Kljaic 29 June 2019 18:42
i just want some mining performance
Agent Smith 18
Agent Smith 18 28 June 2019 14:31
why name it RX5700 there is a RX570 it is confusing
Nibbler 26 June 2019 11:26
Why the hell did I get a survey to impeach the president? Anyone else?
YourSincereWellWisher 26 June 2019 06:31
No mid range cards ??? I hope AMD goes bankrupt soon for betraying budget gamers.
MagnuM00125 25 June 2019 19:02
Keep in mind that there are also mid range gamers on PC. Also some countries have to pay more taxes than others.
Micropoint 24 June 2019 19:19
waiting for 5700 too but modded
AZIZ ABIDI 24 June 2019 17:45
Žiga Filipič
Žiga Filipič 24 June 2019 03:47
I will stick with my RTX 2080ti. The poors are now angry ?
TeCh ExPlOiTs
TeCh ExPlOiTs 23 June 2019 22:05
DO NOT GET THE REFERENCE MODELS. Thought I’d let you guys know. Wait.
Dennis Hakkie
Dennis Hakkie 23 June 2019 17:40
Honestly, for me, Ray Tracing is a big plus, so I just have to skip out on AMD GPU's to be honest.
Calamity 23 June 2019 13:35
I have a gsync monitor.... I am sorry AMD, but Nvidia has me gripped by the balls.
Michael Nager
Michael Nager 22 June 2019 23:26
"Budget King"?? How far up your ass does your head need to be to call a loud and hot BLOWER STYLE graphics card coming in at $380 "Budget King"?
Daniel 22 June 2019 14:14
AMD, please release the GPU control panel also for Linux!We are waiting for too much time and we definitely need it.
Gaber Ravhekar
Gaber Ravhekar 22 June 2019 11:39
Why is everybody comparing this to vega?This is polaris replacement they just change the naming so they could charge 100 dollars more.This is bullshit and no one should buy it at this price.
Glen Horta
Glen Horta 20 June 2019 20:19
The real secret is the AMD is not telling me. Is there going to make a duel card withdrawal Xfinity
Reece Hire
Reece Hire 18 June 2019 20:04
I’m hoping that there is a strix model
HGnabmab 18 June 2019 15:13
Crossfire support?
Crux Riajuu
Crux Riajuu 18 June 2019 09:25
Will PCIE 4.0 make it faster than a RTX 2080ti when rendering 3D stuff in programs like Unreal Engine - Marmoset - 3DsMax - Cryengine - Marvelous Designer - Things like that?
Kaoukabi Jaouad
Kaoukabi Jaouad 18 June 2019 03:59
It looks like AMD invested a shit load of money to create a new architecture specially tailored to the next gen consoles, and to hype people and make some profits along the way, they released a new graphic card based on the new NAVI stuff without hardware real time ray tracing, to chip away some sales from Nvidia ... the most interesting thing on the video is that the next gen Consoles will have an updated 7nm manufacturing process and an updated Navi architecture, at least it some good news ... maybe that 120 FPS on 4K isn't just the usual Ad bullshit, in reality we wouldn't be far from it ... i guess everyone would be happy, console players, Sony Microsoft .. , in my opinion AMD completely fulfilled their end of the bargain ....
Andrew Lepore
Andrew Lepore 17 June 2019 19:00
Inb4 AMD releases this, and Nvidia responds with a price drop the 2070. Nvidia releases 2070TI that will outperform the 5700XT at a slightly higher
Branko Jovanovic
Branko Jovanovic 16 June 2019 14:25
Honestly, I am not willing to pay 400 euros for a 1080p (high/ultra) gaming video card. Last two upgrade where relatively pricey (especially the GTX980), and that is the reason I did stick to 1080p monitor resolution, and I am not in the mood to pay more than 200 euros for a new, super-duper, 1080p gaming video card.
StaySic4Ever 16 June 2019 12:22
Yeah, they are good additions in the lineup. It's something now, hopefully the new flagship is not very far off too.
Siddharth Mitra
Siddharth Mitra 16 June 2019 10:52
i got a 1070 ... i don't think i am buying new gpu this year ... although m interested in ryzen
Dope Beats
Dope Beats 15 June 2019 22:56
The last motherboards from intel and amd uses hardware AI image proccesing software on GPUThese include following-Fake frame insertion for smoothing video image-Image sharpening -inserting low resolution image inside imageThese electronics are created for SPY for government surveillance to collect data and making profile of every human to go in transhumanism digital chipped human with new format.
03chrisv 15 June 2019 22:55
Remember back in the day when midrange cards were in the $200 to $250 range? Sigh.... Sure there's inflation to consider but I blame crypto mining for the brunt of these price hikes.
Daniel 15 June 2019 13:39
I want good driver suport for Linux!
Sudden Revelations
Sudden Revelations 15 June 2019 03:14
The RX 5700 needed to sell at $229 with the RX 5700XT at $329. Even here they’re overpriced.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 15 June 2019 01:08
So the 5700xt costs 449$ is slightly better than rtx 2070 but consumes more energy and is probably hotter under load plus it has no raytracing I can just buy for 489$ a rtx 2070 and have all the other advantages if amd wants us to buy their product they have to lower their prices because for 30$ more I can get something better the 5700xt should cost 379$
MarTx FinaL
MarTx FinaL 14 June 2019 20:55
lol just another AMD card that cant beat the 80ti AMD..
Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
Fake news, Fake food, Fake world 14 June 2019 19:44
PCI4.0 would be nice to have to have M.2 Mvme in raid 0!
Maverick 14 June 2019 17:57
Only if the price is right, priced higher nope, priced equal nope (Nvidia is too popular), only at lower price, just a tad lower will make a huge difference
Raza Mehmood
Raza Mehmood 14 June 2019 16:13
i think radeon made a mistake not including rtx, most of the people only wants to see what rtx can do in the future and as a giant radeon should have thought years ahead what rtx would be in the future of gaming. personally even if new radeon out performs rtx 2060 in budget people would still consider that nvidia does offer rtx thinking "yeah its better card but dropping a raytracing card for a fewer higher fps would not be a good idea, i can bare that fps drop for an rtx"
Dalibor Dupor
Dalibor Dupor 14 June 2019 14:11
Only channel that is more pro-nvidia then this one is pc lab.
ixb1 14 June 2019 11:25
RX 5700 a "budget king" ? LoL good joke.
The 14 June 2019 11:05
can run minecraft?
Rune Nielsen
Rune Nielsen 14 June 2019 04:57
On one hand, i'm excited about the new AMD launches, as i am with all launches, but on the other hand, i've been into PC's and gaming long enough to know that i shouldn't be too excited just yet. When i see some actual store prices (not MSRP) and some proper benchmarks, i'll decide if i should be excited or disappointed as usual. Vega and Radeon VII was disappointing, RTX cards was confusing and disappointing. Ryzen 3000 series, however, looks very promising, but again, i need to see some real numbers.
ricky v
ricky v 13 June 2019 21:16
If Apple was to write drivers for these GPUs in Mac OS. I will definitely buy one. The better efficiency would be worth the price of entry for better effects and render times in FCPX.
fleur'de' win
fleur'de' win 13 June 2019 20:49
The small die of the RX5700XT makes it much easier for AMD to fight a price war with Nvidia. You always get better yield rates with smaller die size. That is how the CPU side Ryzen is competing with Intel too. Looking at the die size of my desktop GTX 1080 (GP104 die at 314mm2) comparing it with the RTX 2060 in my laptop , that TU106 die is so freaking huge at 445mm2. Navi is at 251mm2. I bet Nvidia's yield rate wont be that high too. If AMD wants to fight a price war, Nvidia will lose.
jag642 13 June 2019 19:12
Will there be more budget friendly Navi cards in sub 200 $ bracket.
Paolo Pabalinas
Paolo Pabalinas 13 June 2019 16:49
Please explain the numbering of Ryzen CPU's I'm new to it.. Ryzen 5,7,9? Are they all same geenrations? like i5 i7 i9?
Lizard King
Lizard King 13 June 2019 16:21
codetap 13 June 2019 14:14
Hey. How are you today?Is there any noticeable difference between MSI RTX 2080 Ti, Gigabyte RTX 2080 Ti, Asus RTX 2080 Ti when you use it to render movies (like 4K 6fps) using Adobe Premiere?Price wise they cost anywhere from £900 to £1500. I'd pick the cheaper one if there is no obvious difference.
JK Tejano
JK Tejano 13 June 2019 11:34
Keep in mind these cards are navi 10. Expect 2080/ti competitor with navi 20
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