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Brandon Butch
Brandon Butch 5 June 2019 00:18
UPDATE: iOS 13 now allows you to play iOS Games w/ PS4 or Xbox Controller! Here's how: gang wya?
LobOoStream Today, 11:29
SideCar is working if You connect iPad with Mac with usb lightning cable. Work's for me :)
Sekar Raja
Sekar Raja Yesterday, 14:56
I have the ipad 5th gen, does it gets the ipad os??
Tas Mania
Tas Mania 15 July 2019 00:25
Can i open film files from usb with with other video player? Maybe VLC etc.
Captain Sparks
Captain Sparks 14 July 2019 03:28
Sounds like you just are a jar of peanut butter, your mouth is wet af
Cael issacar Barcelona
Cael issacar Barcelona 13 July 2019 12:22
Does the external storage work on lightning?
EcentGaming I guess
EcentGaming I guess 8 July 2019 23:33
I only see 1 new app and nothing else changed
Mike Bye
Mike Bye 5 July 2019 23:13
Can anyone tell me how you get the ios keyboard with a number row. My keyboard only has those silly swipe down numbers, it doesn’t look anything like the one here. I have iPad Pro 10.5
Parker McMartin
Parker McMartin 3 July 2019 22:02
iPad Pro 2018 just became the new macbook pro
Ja B
Ja B 3 July 2019 05:47
You missed that with the volume once you click once you can use your finger on the screen to change the volume in the fat volume display
Adam N/A
Adam N/A 30 June 2019 15:00
Will Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter work for external SSD / HDD on iPad OS?
Alyana Dalisay
Alyana Dalisay 30 June 2019 13:36
This is the reason why Trumph Ban Hwawei
Colin Tsosie
Colin Tsosie 30 June 2019 02:52
I would like information on how to connect a mouse and hard drive using a lighting connector and not the usb-c hub. Most us still have the older iPad 2018.
Skylie Sanchez
Skylie Sanchez 29 June 2019 16:51
I can't WAIT for this UPDATE for my new iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)💛💜💙🧡🤪🤙🏻🤓
Yeowie Power
Yeowie Power 28 June 2019 07:18
Awesome video
Abhishek LH
Abhishek LH 27 June 2019 00:26
Can i connect external hardware to ipad air on iPados?
Marco Molinari Pérez
Marco Molinari Pérez 27 June 2019 00:20
Think you should put the micro a bit away of your mouth, it records a sound of your lips moving and with good airpods is kinda annoying
Christopher Fenet
Christopher Fenet 26 June 2019 09:49
Hi! Are you able to run vba macros from an excel file that runs on excel for mac? thanks
Mightybanana 3000
Mightybanana 3000 26 June 2019 09:13
How do you get rid of the notifications on the side
It’s Daryil games
It’s Daryil games 26 June 2019 04:37
My multitasking isn’t working
KAY DE 26 June 2019 02:41
It aint worth it if I cant play pc games so fuck you T.T
Daniel 25 June 2019 21:15
Thank you Brandon, great video!
Gandalfwiz2007 25 June 2019 16:42
SAY IT WITH ME! : We could do many of these things on android tablets......from 7 YEARS AGO!
Mr. Silence
Mr. Silence 25 June 2019 14:41
This is pretty cool I really like it
Jason Tran
Jason Tran 25 June 2019 07:27
How to you get the numbers row on the iPad? I’m using iPad Pro 9.7 running public beta
Jason Tran
Jason Tran 25 June 2019 07:27
How to you get the numbers row on the iPad? I’m using iPad Pro 9.7 running public beta
Felicia H
Felicia H 25 June 2019 05:40
Will USB to lighting cable work as well for a mouse?? For the iPad Air pro 2017
Vijay Maurya
Vijay Maurya 23 June 2019 14:41
All these features have been on galaxy from so many years 🤦🏽‍♂️
thewonderofyou1 23 June 2019 13:37
The stupid widget centre is obtrusive..why can’t I choose one widget and place where I for example...
Sandro Gioselli
Sandro Gioselli 23 June 2019 13:02
After years finally some basic UI upgrades 😬
DR_A 23 June 2019 04:40
How can I update my iPad to iOS 13 ? It’s on 12 right now
Alex Ladd
Alex Ladd 23 June 2019 04:18
Today I just got a iPad Air and so far I love it
MarincusMan 22 June 2019 19:06
I keep hearing about external storage on ipadOS, but is there expanded file support? Can you store any type of file on your iPad now?
Athlasker 22 June 2019 00:48
In my opinion, Apple should change the “go to home” gesture, since it overrides many times the intention of bringing up the dock or opening the app switcher... Whereas on iOs 11 all the gestures were fluid, on iOs 12 (and iOs 13, as far as we’ve seen) every time one wants to do one of the two actions mentioned before must be extremely careful not to activate the home gesture, leading to using the gestures with “fear”.
Josh I Guess
Josh I Guess 22 June 2019 00:27
Does that mean they’re going back to iPhoneOS?? 😏😏
907 CHANNEL 21 June 2019 21:12
Will it load Sony video footage though?
QIHAN HUANG 21 June 2019 01:06
I want to know when the ipadOS will be released offcially
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 20 June 2019 05:15
Antonio Valnei Benta
Antonio Valnei Benta 20 June 2019 00:55
will it be compatible with Ipad 2018?
Ruby Clothing
Ruby Clothing 20 June 2019 00:54
If it’s ipadOS then why did you put IOS 13 in the title...?
modrak 20 June 2019 00:07
Thanks for letting us know you recently ended a relationship, your CB Pass Hash and dating site bio as well. Also, go fix that serpentine belt.
Nicky Kamp
Nicky Kamp 19 June 2019 23:39
I can’t wait until i get it when will we be able to download it please ?.?
DW P 19 June 2019 22:41
Great vid
SJ THE GAMER 19 June 2019 10:52
Apple is going to a whole new level.
Alfredo Forte
Alfredo Forte 19 June 2019 08:08
Mouse? 🐹🐀🐀
Sunscribes 19 June 2019 04:50
Does the Samsung T5 SSD work with IOS 13?
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 18 June 2019 23:54
Where’s my update
Fabian Frai
Fabian Frai 18 June 2019 23:16
now in 2019 iOS is getting some more Android features.. finally :D come on Apple, you can do better .. where are the innovations apple is (was?) known for?
Adesh Sasikumar
Adesh Sasikumar 18 June 2019 15:58
Hope the next iPad pro has a 120Hz AMOLED panel ( if that tech exists)
NExT So2
NExT So2 18 June 2019 11:32
Anyone else cant load weather in todays view?
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