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Morgen Holz
Morgen Holz 14 July 2019 07:20
Mac OS Catalina will have Sidecar. It will do all this natively.
Ronald 3 July 2019 08:23
I am going to buy a new Ipad pro as well. Only I am  not sure about the  4 gig ram. Is the 4 gig ram enought for Lr?
sam khalifa
sam khalifa 30 June 2019 16:21
Hey I'm Indian can you plz reply me plz
artkiko 29 June 2019 14:55
your title is a little misleading
Dr1zzle 26 June 2019 21:52
Apple after seeing this video:Hold my Apple Cider
Feras Entertaiment
Feras Entertaiment 21 June 2019 23:51
The Macpad Pro
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams 21 June 2019 03:16
Nicely done Tausif.
Tom Solid's #PaperlessMovement
Tom Solid's #PaperlessMovement 19 June 2019 22:40
Tom Solid in da house! Dude, I really liked your video and was surprised about the "low" subscriber number compared to your video quality! Keep up the great work. Subscribed. Greetings from the founder of the #PaperlessMovement
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 19 June 2019 17:37
Tausif dude where did you get those ipad pro stand man those things are sick!
Loco 18 June 2019 07:04
name of intro music please ?
Samuel Adeyemi
Samuel Adeyemi 14 June 2019 16:20
Haha loved the Philly D intro
Mbakatika Mulamba
Mbakatika Mulamba 13 June 2019 22:06
ios 13 ....
Akhter Rasool
Akhter Rasool 13 June 2019 03:34
I used this and now i used new side car effect of new mac os beta 10.5 and u must say heavy competition is coming for this over priced software and hardwares. I dont see any lag and this is beta one, resolution and pressure sensitivity is awsome
Bong Songha
Bong Songha 12 June 2019 10:19
Brother you say good
Bong Songha
Bong Songha 12 June 2019 10:18
I like it
Techno Charge Mobile
Techno Charge Mobile 12 June 2019 10:18
Thanks, never knew you can use iPad as a secondary display of your Mac.
ScRiPtEaZe 12 June 2019 02:48
i think its funny watching newbs just learning about shit like this. I was doing this by myself years ago..its only new to the newbies. Next week he going to post a video on installing windows on his old well in his case he will be cloning a windows display on the psp, not actually installing it.
James Gundlach
James Gundlach 12 June 2019 02:43
LOL, get a Samsung note 9 dude. I don't need to mirror to get a desktop. Just plug into the DeX pad and I'm done.
Fahad Muneeb
Fahad Muneeb 12 June 2019 01:45
How much it would cost?
Starteam 11 June 2019 22:10
Great video! Quality edit
peter solana
peter solana 11 June 2019 18:45
microsoft office on apple ....OMG ...dumbass real
CIBAA Choi 11 June 2019 16:15
No need for the new IpadOS now, you bought the dongle for just few months
Bruce Crowder
Bruce Crowder 11 June 2019 15:19
I noticed the same things about Facebook
Nghĩa TV
Nghĩa TV 11 June 2019 11:03
wow! great......
James Dory
James Dory 11 June 2019 08:20
How much your iPad Pro stand? is it costing $50?
tooth0702 10 June 2019 13:08
ipad os not macos!
NjLyvewyre 10 June 2019 06:27
I love Jesus seen the comments was at 666 now thanks to me it’s 667
fool art
fool art 9 June 2019 22:01
Ipad iPad ipad. Hoek
laurentius ponang
laurentius ponang 9 June 2019 15:28
Is it work for imac?
Arquel Cudia
Arquel Cudia 9 June 2019 14:38
You didn’t know FB listen to everybody like Alexa listen to everybody as well.
Mickey 9 June 2019 04:11
Apple just killed this company and a lot more with IOS 13
Fan yang
Fan yang 8 June 2019 21:46
And then there is iPadOS....
Ahmed 4K
Ahmed 4K 8 June 2019 15:59
Are you iraqi?
S A N T A N U 8 June 2019 15:34
Shubham Goel
Shubham Goel 8 June 2019 07:37
Dammn that editing is lit..🔥
고정우 6 June 2019 08:21
Imo, people who have slick desk setup is as sexy as bodybuilder or celeb.
y y
y y 5 June 2019 18:59
this will come in a new update. exposed
Altug Erbasi
Altug Erbasi 5 June 2019 10:03
I have been doing this for years with duet display. (PC or Mac)
Raniel Lacuarin
Raniel Lacuarin 4 June 2019 17:02
Can you make a gift?
Machan 4 June 2019 15:38
Forbidden Knowledge
Forbidden Knowledge 4 June 2019 06:28
screw this, just put the whole damn OS on the iPad.
Fan boy
Fan boy 3 June 2019 06:14
When I use Astropad and Duet, the colour displayed on Ipad is too different from on macbook. Is Lunar Display better?
Stepphan Mc Pherson
Stepphan Mc Pherson 2 June 2019 15:54
Have there been any released updates that address the issues mentioned? Informative content presented, thank you.
Komputer Hape!
Komputer Hape! 2 June 2019 14:20
i hope apple can put macOS on iPad Pro 3
Aniani01 2 June 2019 06:19
The next update of macos will support this feature, you'll even be able to connect the ipad and use it as a tablet with photoshop.
adzen jazz
adzen jazz 1 June 2019 10:20
Great video ! Is it possible plug in the Luna Display to iPad Pro and share screen to my MacBook Pro ?
Centaur Montano
Centaur Montano 1 June 2019 08:43
can you run Citrix VPN on iOS?? no still cant use it for my work
lee darren
lee darren 1 June 2019 07:49
Keep it up bro !
David Shima
David Shima 1 June 2019 05:01
Great video! I hope that this upcoming WWDC keynote has some announcements for more to be done (compatible) on the iPad, native apps and the use of external / additional storage. Hopefully Photoshop (full version for the iPad) is announced.
طه فهر الشيبي
طه فهر الشيبي 1 June 2019 04:03
انت عربي
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